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Urgent matters concerned about citizens’ lives

Posted Date: 27/09/2012
​Suspended projects have been affecting daily lives badly for many years, price pressure on land compensation has deemed to be inappropriate, environmental pollution, damaged traffic systems have been pending to be repaired, administrative procedures are still complicated…Those are concerns raised by voters at the 4th session of the 8th term People’s assembly.

Prior to the 4th session, 76 out of 80 delegates of the provincial people’s council term VIII had spent time on meetings with 5.037 voters at 93 venues, out of which 837 voters had raised their opinions, proposing 789 ideas. 

* Be more drastic to implement suspended projects 

As pointed out by voters, many approved projects in the areas of Bien Hoa city and Nhon Trach province are being delayed or being too behind schedule, which has caused great difficulties to the lives of local citizens. Because of these suspended projects, the locals could not carry out construction, repairing or land transfer; even, investment in electricity and water supply has been left unattended in many areas. Specifically, Sonadezi industrial zone project (Giang Dien waterfall) already took 5-6 years, the planning projects in quarter 6 and 7 of An Binh ward already took 20 years, the project of An Thai company has been left undeployed since 2004. In some wards within the area of Bien Hoa city, investment in resettlement zones has not been satisfactorily attended, which lead to the fact that beneficiaries of resettlement policy have no land and shelter whereas their estate properties had been requisitioned by the government, therefore are now living in renting rooms.
Y kien cu tri.jpg
Swimming skill education for children is among top concerns of voters     
In rural areas, suspended projects are badly affecting famers by reducing the size of land for production. Voters from Lo 25 commune (Thong Nhat district) reported that during the period of 1983-1984, the Government requisitioned 273 hectares of land to proceed the plantation of rubber trees, until now the project has not been carried out yet. Experiencing the same matter, voters from Ma Đa and Hieu Liem communes (Vinh Cuu district) raised their questions about the planning of the Dong Nai natural-cultural reservation in harmony with the resettlement of living and production of citizens in the two areas and the project has made no progress for many years, resulting in uneasy sentiments among the community.

With insights regarding the situation, voters suggested that the provincial People’s Committee need to be more drastic to reexamine unfeasible projects to retrieve the land, helping the locals to settle down. Besides, the matters of adjustment of compensatory amount and increase in the beneficiaries of compensation were also raised by voters.

* Pollution elimination: urgent to be handled

At the meeting, voters from provinces where industrial zones are located raised their concerns about the fact that it has taken a long time for environmental violation conducted by enterprises to be discovered or soundly handled after discovery. Voters from Hiep Phuoc (Nhon Trach province) said that, until now there have been still many companies in Nhon Trach 1 industrial zone disposing waste water directly to Ba Ky channel, leading to serious water pollution. Some authorities have come to examine but the solution has not been handled, which has raised the worries among the community. Voters from Phuoc Khanh commune reported that two cement companies which are Cong Thanh and Lafarge are regularly emitting smoke to the atmosphere, which is influencing the air and water. Meanwhile, voters from Phuoc Thien concerned that the content of the answering document no 955 by Natural resources and Environment Department dated April 10th, 2012 about solutions for environmental pollution by Kim Phong company was impractical and the authorities should keep on supervising the waste water treatment process and the construction of sludge tank of this company to make sure they meet the necessary requirements and quality.

In Trang Bom district, voters from Song Trau commune suggested that the authorities should handle the environmental violation of many companies in Bau xeo industrial zone which are disposing emissions to the atmosphere during production process, especially in the afternoon and evening, significantly influencing the lives of the local.
Likewise, voters from Xuan Hoa (Xuan Loc district) stated that the mining for precious kinds of stone at Xuan Hoa stone mine (20 hectares) is causing severe pollution to nearby, transporting vehicles are destructing the roads. Voters from Tam Hoa (Bien Hoa city) reported that An Binh company (belongs to the Corps 4) has not only constructed warehouse at the plot near Amata illegally but also caused environmental pollution.
* Social issues catches attention

Additionally to hot issues, voters are showing great attention to social issues. Voters at provinces with a lot of lakes and rivers like Vinh Cuu suggested functional departments and sectors should take more active deeds in swimming skill education, constructing standardized swimming pool, operating training course of this skills for pupils in order to reduce the risk of water accident. Voters from Thong Nhat district suggested that the Government should spend more effort on improving the quality of nutrition, supervising overtime shift, labor policies for female workforce as well as dormitory and kindergarten construction for employees’ children in order to further develop their living conditions both physically and mentally.

Rage at the use of forbidden substances in breeding

Among some issues catching eyes of people from rural areas nowadays, the use of forbidden substances in breeding is more and more notable. Voters from Gia Kiem (Thong Nhat province) and Tan Binh ward (Vinh Cuu province) reported that, during the past time, information about the use of forbidden substances in breeding has resulted in huge in breeding business, affecting the reputation of the whole, especially in the recent economic recession. In reality, they have little chance to be informed about forbidden substances in breeding, resulting in the ignorance of which substances are urged to be used and which to be avoided. Voters strongly suggested that the Government authorities should better monitor the import export, production, processing and consumption of forbidden substances in breeding, as well as provide transparent information to reduce violation caused by unawareness.

Transportation and traffic culture also caught eyes of voters from Thong Nhat district. In addition to suggesting that Government should pay more effort in building, repairing rural, inter-commune, inter-province roads, voters also raised the idea that more warning signs, traffic light, deceleration edge, zebra for by passer…should be set up at some highways crossing residential areas. Especially, voters emphasized the need to punish and deter careless bus-drivers and indiscriminate littering. Voters from Nhon Trach supported the process of the administrative reform nowadays; he also added that there is still negligence expressed by some officials of some units, not-serious working style, which has caused some frustration of citizens.

Source: Dong nai newspaper