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Budget revenue reach estimate in 2013

Posted Date: 26/12/2013
​At the morning of December 13, at the Provincial Convention Center and Event, organized a conference of economic- social target, revenue - expenditure in the province in 2014.

The conference participants

As reported by the Department of Finance, the State budget revenue estimate of Dong Nai in 2013 reached 32,656 billion VND , reached 100 % of the estimate and an increase of 16 % over the same period . In particular, domestic revenue was 18,530 billion VND , reached 105 % of the estimate ; import and export collected 12,200 billion, accounting for 94 % of the estimate . Estimated local expenditure 13,289 billion VND, reached 107 % of the estimate. The difficulty in revenues due to prices of agricultural products dropped , high corporate tax debt , tax revenue from imports decreased by reducing imports and corporate tax reductions under the tariff reduction schedule to participate in the agreement of the WTO and AFTA ... the investment arrangement also goes by the expenditure capital does not meet the needs of the province . Plan 2014, total revenue estimates in the province is 35,116 billion, increase 7.5 % compared to estimates done in 2013, while expenditure estimate is 12,761 billion, down 528 billion compared with the previous year .

Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee, Tran Minh Phuc, appreciates the efforts of all levels and sectors contributing to the growth of provincial economic - social tasks. To perform the revenue task in 2014, the financial sectors, taxations, customs ... should actively implement solutions right from the start in order to efficiently exploit the revenue. The budget expenditure should strictly follow the plan, province focuses the capital for major projects, and strengthen inspection and against any loss, waste and ensure quality of works. The branches should review local planning and boosting the development of the industry local advantages; commercial development, modernized services.

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