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​In the first 10 months of this year, Dong Nai has been continuing to be an attractive destination to foreign investors when the attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has exceeded by 60% of this year’s target. The “picture” that attracts FI also includes additional “highlights” when the capital disbursed by investors has reached a high number.
​According Dong Nai Bureau of Statistics, in the first 10 months of 2018, Dong Nai’s export turnover is 15.3 billion USD, having increased nearly 12% compared with the same period last year while import 13,1 billion USD.
There is no longer a long and crowded line waiting during health examination, the hospitals can coordinate better in examination and treatment ...;These are the first steps towards a smart hospital that many medical institutions are taking.​
As of December 30, 2018, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - CPTPP shall become effective. In Dong Nai, companies have been preparing themselves to seize this chance.
​Only one more month till the end of 2018. In order to complete the production plan made from the beginning of the year, the companies in the province are now accelerating their production pace.
​Production connection and cooperation are considered as one of the important solutions to help people acquire stable income, aiming towards the development of production of high value agricultural products. Because of this, Dong Nai is currently developing a new framework of policies to broaden its scope and simplify supporting procedures to promote connection and cooperation in agricultural production.
​Circular economy is a new economic model that used by many countries in the world. This is a model where all activities from design, production to service aim towards efficient use of natural resources throughout the value chain, limiting waste disposal to the environment.
​In nearly 11 months of 2018, foreign investment in the province reached nearly 1.8 billion USD, surpassing nearly plan for the year by almost 80%. According to the Department of Planning and Investment, 109 new projects with total registered capital of nearly 950 million USD, 94 projects have been signed for capital increase by more than 821 million USD in total. Foreign investment has increased by nearly 600 million USD compared to 2017.
​According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the US is the leader among major coffee export markets of Dong Nai. From the beginning of 2018 until now, the export turnover of Dong Nai coffee to the US market is about 51.8 million USD
​Dong Nai is one of the two major wood industry centers in the country. Exporting wood products plays a very important role in the province's trade balance as well as the country. Besides, the wood industry has created many jobs, especially for rural workers in the province.

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