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Further renewal and improvement of political system

Posted Date: 03/04/2014
​On March 25, Deputy Secretary of Dong Nai Communist Party’s Committee, Le Hong Phuong had a working session with Organizing Board of Communist Party’s Committee and leaders of relevant agencies to supplement and fulfill the implementation scheme for ongoing innovation and improvement of organizational structure of the Party, the State, Fatherland Front and provincial socio-political organizations. 

​Content of scheme focuses on renewing and consolidating organizational structure; strengthening its functions and missions in accordance with personnel reduction; improving the quality of cadres, civil servants, officials of departments, agencies, organizations in political system from the provincial level to the grassroots level. 

Comrade Le Hong Phuong emphasized that this project has been an important political mission for the province to implement the conclusion no. 64-KL/TW dated May 28, 2013 of 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, which poses some issues such as renovating and strengthening political system from the central level to the grassroots level. He also suggested that Organization Board of Communist Party’s Committee should host and coordinate with leaders of departments, agencies and boards to provide break-through consultancy in Party’s leadership for Dong Nai Communist Party’s Committee. Some specific contents like consolidating machinery of government from the provincial level to the grassroots level; defining the functions and missions of the Fatherland Front and organizations; particularly improving the contingent of cadres for agencies in Department of Justice. 

Ngoc Thu