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Necessary to Make Sure that All Voters Exercise Their Voting Rights

Posted Date: 11/05/2011
Dong Nai People's Committee has just issued the documents that provide departments, committees, sectors, and local authorities with the guidelines on how the election day for deputies into the 13th National Assembly and delegates into levels of People’s Council in 2011-2016 period will be held.
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Voters are accessible to election information

All government agencies, Party agencies, unions, administrative units, armed forces units, social and political organizations, businesses and households are required to hang the national flag before and during the election day.

Senior officers and civil servants of agencies or units are required to perform duty on 24 hour basis at their workplace on the election day – May 22, 2011 and to take turns doing duty to make sure that those who are eligible to vote can exercise their voting rights required by law.

Dong Nai Committee on Religion Affairs is required to cooperate with People's Committees of all districts, Long Khanh town and Bien Hoa city in sending religious organizations a written request that asks them to hold religious ceremonies before 5 o’clock in the morning or after 7 o’clock in the evening on May 22, 2011 in order that religious followers can exercise their voting rights required by law.

Concerned departments and sectors are required to ensure that electricity and water supply, security and order, traffic safety and communications go smoothly before, during and after the election day, and to beef up the preservation of security and order in the province so that the election will take place safely and according to law.

Reported by P.V, Translated by Duy Minh