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Mr. Truong Tan Sang Pays a Working Visit to Dong Nai

Posted Date: 11/05/2011
April 12, Member of the Politburo and of the Standing Committee Truong Tan Sang paid a working visit to Dong Nai to get an understanding of the province’s socio-economic development situation in the first quarter of 2011, of the implementation of the Politburo’s Conclusion no.02 on socio-economic situation in 2011, and of the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Resolution no.11 on inflation curbing.
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Member of the Central Party, Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee, and Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Council Tran Dinh Thanh; members of the Standing Committee at Dong Nai Party Committee; leaders of concerned departments and sectors met with and had a working session with the delegation led by Mr. Truong Tan Sang.

Mr. Truong Tan Sang has a working session with the provincial leadership

Deputy Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee, and Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Dinh Quoc Thai reported to Mr. Truong Tan Sang on how the Politburo’s Conclusion no.02 and the Prime Minister’s Resolution no.11 have been implemented, and said that Dong Nai developed an action program with specific solutions concerning such areas as monetary, public-finance, production-business, import-export, and social welfare policies.

Dong Nai beefed up the dissemination of information on the principal contents of the resolution to officers, civil servants and all classes of people, meeting with and talking with businesses about how to find out solutions to their problems, assisting businesses in stabilizing and developing their production, strengthening energy-saving and price stabilization measures, especially keeping the prices of essential commodities that affect people’s lives under control, organizing inspection inspection delegations to inspect how the budget was managed and spent and how the basic construction capital was managed.

Deputy Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee, and Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Dinh Quoc Thai said that to implement the Politburo’s conclusion on the socio-economic situation in 2011, Dong Nai took in consideration all local revenues and took measures to increase budget revenues.

After taking a second look at budget revenues, Dong Nai will attempt to increase its revenues by 11 to 12 percent compared to the central government’s estimates of VND2.14 trillion (or US$101.87 million) and it is expected that the additional savings of the recurrent expenditure hits VND60.6 billion (or US$2.88 million) by 10 percent.

Dong Nai reviewed all the projects that use budget-based capital, implemented cost-efficiency policies, and delayed, and extended the progress of 147 projects. The reduced public investment amount is estimated at nearly VND175 billion (or US$8.33 million).

Dong Nai introduced tight, cautious and flexible credit measures, put seven essential commodities on the price stabilization list, launched an energy-saving movement, and established a support policy for poor households.

Thanks to its focus on leadership and the implementation of the central government’s conclusions and resolutions, Dong Nai’s socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2011 kept growing by 13.1 percent and reaching the targets set in the resolution.

Mr. Truong Tan Sang has a working session with Tin Nghia Corporation

During the working session, the leadership of Dong Nai Party Committee, People's Committee and concerned departments and sectors asked that the central government design a specific policy for Dong Nai in order that Dong Nai will be able to further focus on its growth rate.

The policy is concerned about investment preferential policies in the fields of industrial parks, power, capital, taxes, and salary for workers.

Addressing the working session, Mr. Truong Tan Sang commended Dong Nai for its attempt in maintaining a high economic growth rate in a context in which the country’s socio-economic situation is faced up with difficulties, and in implementing Resolution no.11 on inflation curbing and price stabilization successfully.

However, Sang said that to restructure the economy, and to maintain a macro economic polices, the so-called creativeness and “daring to think and to do” of local authorities are really important in key economic regions.

Also, Sang noted that to become a principal industrialized and modernized province, Dong Nai is required to pay a special attention to the development of transport and infrastructure, to ensure a good power supply for businesses, to pay attention to support industries, and to train and nourish human resources to meet the demand for development.

On this occasion, Mr. Truong Tan Sang paid a working visit to Tin Nghia Corporation and some other state-owned businesses that operate under the parent-subsidiary method.

Source: Dong Nai Newspaper, Translated by Duy Minh