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Exemplary Individuals in the Patriotic Emulation Movement 2010 Honored

Posted Date: 28/04/2011
On the morning of April 27, a summation meeting about the patriotic emulation movement 2010 was held and the emulation agreement for 2011 was signed at Dong Nai Convention and Events Center.

The meeting was attended by Member of the Central Party and Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee Tran Dinh Thanh, Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Vo Van Mot, Deputy Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee and Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Dinh Quoc Thai,  Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Tran Van Vinh, Vice Chairwoman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Huynh Thi Nga, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Tran Minh Phuc, Chairwoman of Dong Nai Fatherland Front Committee Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee at Dong Nai People’s Council Huynh Chi Thang.

Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee Tran Dinh Thanh offers the first-class emulation flag to outstanding collectives in emulation movements

Over the past years, emulation movements have become one of the driving forces that help promote the positive efforts of Dong Nai’s people from all walks of life.

Basically, to promote the tradition of hard labor the Party of, the army of and the people of Dong Nai with the patriotic emulation spirit have attempted to overcome difficulties and challenges to reach their targets.

The province’s GDP rises by 13.5 percent, and its economic structure transition is heading in a right direction.

To implement social security tasks effectively and to improve people’s life, the “Study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s ethical example” campaign continues to be enhanced.

Political security and social order and safety have been maintained. Especially, the Party Congress at all levels and the 9th Dong Nai Party Congress were organized successfully.

Emulation clusters are signing for emulation activities 2011 at the meeting

In 2010, Dong Nai’s emulation activities saw many a positive change, and contributed to helping the units within link clusters to get closer, and to seize opportunities to exchange experience and learn from each other.

2010 was an emulation year in which positive changes were made through the activities to reward and honor exemplary collectives, and individuals that were carried out in a timely manner.

Over the past years, 227 collectives and individuals have been awarded the State President’s medals of all kinds. Seventeen collectives and individuals were awarded the Prime Minister’s certificates of merit.

In addition, 3,252 collectives and individuals received Dong Nai People’s Committee’s frequent awards.

Particularly, collectives and individuals with unexpected outstanding achievements have been honored and rewarded timely.

The summation meeting

Addressing the meeting, Member of the Central Party and Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee Tran Dinh acknowledged and praised the efforts of all classes of people in Dong Nai.

However, there have existed some weaknesses in patriotic emulation movements that need to be resolved as follows:

- Some localities have not taken much interest in emulation and rewarding activities and there have remained unclear criteria for emulation movements.

- Emulation movements are centered at administrative government agencies.

- Rewarding activities for the employees working for businesses, especially for those who are working in private and foreign ones have not received enough attention.

Secretary of Dong Nai Party Committee stressed that patriotic emulation movements in 2011 are required to continue being renewed and promoted, that patriotic emulation movements are to be combined with such major tasks as a successful implementation of the government’s Resolution no. 11, that political tasks are to be completed, that  the building of the Party and of unions must be increasingly strengthened, that the election of the 13th National Assembly and of levels of People’s Council in 2011-2016 period need to be implemented successfully, and that exemplary individuals are to be focused on, to be found and to be expanded.

At the summation meeting, nineteen emulation clusters in the province signed emulation agreements in 2011.

On this occasion, 20 collectives, 18 collectives, and 8 collectives were awarded the first-class, the second-class and the third-class emulation flags, respectively.

Dong Nai People’s Committee awarded certificates of merit to 91 collectives and 2 outstanding emulation clusters in 2010 emulation movements.

Reported by Lien Huong, Translated by Duy Minh