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Election Training Sessions Offered to Election Units

Posted Date: 29/04/2011
On the morning of April 22, Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with Dong Nai Election Committee convened a meeting concerning the election of deputies into the 13th National Assembly and delegates into levels of People’s Councils in 2011-2016 period to offer election training sessions to the delegates who are the heads of Election Committees and the election specialists from ten cities and provinces in the Southern East Region.
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The meeting was broadcast live on the Dong Nai Radio and Television 1.

Training session

Addressing the meeting, Standing Deputy Ministry of Internal Affairs Trang Huu Thang said that it was the first time election training sessions were offered to local election units with the aim of providing knowledge and professional skills for the staff in charge of election preparation work and of minimizing the problems that might occur before and after the election.

On this occasion, Dong Nai shared its experience in applying IT to report forms that will be used during the election.

The meeting spent much time giving responses to participants’ questions in order to be well-prepared for the election that is expected to take place on May 22, 2011.

Reported by L.H, Translated by Duy Minh