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Dong Nai People’s Council Candidates Campaign for Election in Long Binh Ward

Posted Date: 13/05/2011
On the morning of May 5, five Dong Nai People’s Council candidates in 2011-2016 period started to meet with the constituency of election unit 6 in Long Binh ward, Bien Hoa city.
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The candidates participating in the campaign are Member of Dong Nai Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee at Dong Nai Labor Federation Huynh Van Tinh, Member of the Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of Bien Hoa Municipal People’s Committee Trinh Tuan Liem, Member of Bien Hoa Municipal Party Committee and Head of Urban Management Office Doan Van Dong, Deputy Head of the Secretariat at Dong Nai Labor Federation Nong Van Dung, Chairman of Association of Young Businesses and Director of Thanh Binh Limited Company Pham Duc Binh.

A meeting between Long Binh ward constituency and candidates

At the meeting, the constituency heard Dong Nai People’s Council candidates make a brief speech of their biography and action plans.

Candidates’ action plans mainly concern social security policies, and how to improve system law and policy system.

The majority of voters participating in this meeting highly appreciated candidates’ specific action plans.

Simultaneously, the constituency wished candidates to play a good role of a public representative according to Article 3 in People’s Council Law after being elected.

In addition, the constituency suggested that after being elected candidates be interested in existing local issues such as planning, investment in facilities, electricity systems, roads, fresh water supply, relocation of breeding facilities out of residential areas, laborers’ life, insecurity, and dense population.

Candidates at the election campaign

Meetings with frank idea exchanges between candidates and voters took place in an open, democratic and equal atmosphere.

This contributed to helping the constituency get more accurate information on candidates so that they would be able to elect moral and talented delegates into Dong Nai People’s Council the next term.

Also, the candidate delegation had a meeting with Long Binh ward constituency.

May 5, there were fifteen other meetings with the constituency throughout the province that were attended by National Assembly deputies and Dong Nai People’s Council candidate delegates.

Reported by N.L, Translated by Duy Minh