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Contest of tank and armored fighting vehicle techniques

Posted Date: 14/10/2012
​On the morning of 19th September, the contest of tank and armored fighting vehicle techniques 2012 was held at the Provincial Military Command's head office.  Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Tri, the leaders of Technical Bureau - Military Zone 7 and the leaders of Provincial Military Command were present at the contest.

Bantin 9.20 (TT) - Thi ky thuat tang, thiet giap toan quan - Phuong Dung.jpg 
 Marching before the contest 

The  Command of Military Zone 7 assigned the Military Command of Dong Nai Province to hold the contest. During the progress of the contest, officials and technicians will take part in: examining and assessing devices’ technical quality to ensure conditions to fight; examining all-terrain capacity and mobile funtion of all devices; training to improve professional qualifications and technical skills of officials and soldiers; applying technology and science in innovating technical equips…

This is the chance for tank and armored fighting vehicle forces to improve their technical skills and professional qualifications to ensure all conditions to fight as well as victory over all circumstances

 Source: Dong Nai Newspaper