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Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Vo Van Mot Receives the Jiangsu Province Delegation

Posted Date: 11/05/2011
On the morning of April 22, Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Vo Van Mot received the delegation of the Political and Consultative Committee of the Jiangsu province led by the Vice Chairman of the Committee Chen Bao Tian.
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The delegation paid a courtesy and working visit to Dong Nai, exploring Dong Nai’s investment policies and having discussions on bilateral cooperation programs at the reception room of the building of Dong Nai’s government agencies.

Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee Vo Van Mot offer gifts to Mr. Chen Bao Tian

Chairman Vo Van Mot received the delegation and said that Jiangsu and Dong Nai’s cooperation ties were established in April 1995, and that were going smoothly.

Every year, two sides pay regular visits to each other to have exchanges and learn each other’s experience.

On the basis of the cooperation documents in 2011-2015 period signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on his visit in April 2010, Dong Nai is carrying out research, and promoting the implementation of two countries’ cooperation plans in the fields of management, urban planning, industrial park infrastructure construction, environmental management, industry, trade, travel, and culture.

Mot said that with the two countries’ good traditions and relations on the basis of 16 golden letters, bilateral ties will be further strengthened through Jiangsu Political and Consultative Committee delegation’s to Dong Nai.

Chairman Vo Van Mot and representatives for departments and sectors are welcoming the delegation

At the meeting, on behalf of the Dong Nai provincial leadership, Vice Director of Dong Nai Planning and Investment Phan Minh Thanh made a summary of Dong Nai’s socio-economic development in 2010 and Dong Nai’s socio-economic development until 2015, and of Dong Nai’s investment policies for the Jiangsu delegation.

With the “The government  is a companion of businesses” motto and “One door policy” method, Dong Nai is calling for foreign businesses’ investment in such districts as Thong Nhat, Xuan Loc, Cam My, and Dinh Quan.

At the same time, to offer investors preferred investment opportunities in all sectors based on WTO’s rules and the government's international commitment to such industries as hi tech application, biotechnology, environmental friendly technology.

Presently, there are 50 Chinese investment projects in Dong Nai with a total capital of over US$430 million.  Among 50 projects, 35 ones have been put into operation.

The two provinces’ leadership are taking photos

Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu Political and Consultative Committee Chen Bao Tian highly appreciated Dong Nai’s past-year quick economic development.

Also, he said that it was the reason why Jiangsu wished to sign cooperation agreements with and expanded its cooperation ties with Dong Nai.

He affirmed that with the two provinces’ good traditions and relations, two sides ought to strengthen exchanges, and make the two provinces’ relations better and better.

On this occasion Jiangsu’s delegation showed their desire to explore investment policies, land lease prices, labor, and laws in land and investment more closely.

As known, Jiangsu is one of the parts in China with a developing economy. Jiangsu takes up 5.7 percent of China’s population, and 10 percent of China’s GDP. Jiangsu’s GDP in 2010 was US$7,700 per capita.

After the meeting, the delegation will visit and burn incense at Tran Bien Temple of Literature.

On the afternoon of the same day, the delegation will pay a visit to Industrial Zone Authority, listen to the reports on the results of the investment capital attraction and development of industrial parks in Dong Nai, visit display stalls, and then tour such industrial parks as Loteco, Bien Hoa 1, Bien Hoa 2 and some Chinese companies in these parks.

Reported by Nguyen Le, Translated by Duy Minh