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Tight management toward lands around Long Thanh airport

Posted Date: 17/10/2016
There are currently some difficulties in managing land around Long Thanh international airport, as some people have splits the area into smaller plots and sell for the residential. If the management is not tightened up, the planning shall be broken. ​

Land around the airport project has been overpriced by some realtors. Many investors came from other places and purchased agricultural land then split into plots and sell for the residential. A survey showed that from only tens million to over 100 million VND, you can purchase a plot large enough for living.


Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee - Mr. Dinh Quoc Thai checking Long Thanh airport project resettlement land.

Breaking the planning
Not long ago, Long Thanh district People’s Committee had to ask Provincial People’s Committee for help with the solution for the uncontrollable land splitting problem near Long Thanh airport. “Recently, residents around Long Thanh airport project have been asking to split their land to save for their family members. Some realtors have taken this opportunity to split land and sell each plot individually; especially land for constructional planning.” – said Mr. Ngo The An – Chairman of Long Thanh district People’s Committee.
According to Urban Management Committee Division, the illegal land splitting and selling actions shall result in buyers’ illegal constructions in the future. The consequences shall be serious such as unsynchronized technical infrastructures; no sidewalk on residential streets; insecure water drainage and electricity systems, which shall cost the government a lot for reinvestment. Those unregistered residential built by real estate businessmen shall break the future planning.
Beside of asking for help, Long Thanh district People’s Committee also recommended the province to fund for the district planning design as the fundament for the construction management works. Mr An said that the district had many ideal locations to attract investment following BT model (Build – Transfer); however, without subdivision plan, it was unable to call for investment.
*Refusing to change land use purpose
According to Mr. Dang minh Duc – Deputy Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DoNRE), the land splitting for sale situation around the province has recently gone viral, from agricultural to non-agricultural land; all changed into land for living. People have all the right to do such thing as long as the land is not under governmental planning. Each locality shall refer to the annual land use plan, to consider change land use purpose following the allowable level for residential approved lands. About other lands which is not yet planned, the local authorities has the right to refuse to change the using purpose to maintain the socioeconomic development following the local planning.
Resident are still allow to split their land for their family members, but the land shall be remain as for agricultural purpose, not for any other purposes; especially for unplanned residential purpose. The Department shall review all the regulations and tighten the land management to prevent investors from “messing it up.” – said Mr. Duc.

 Leaders of DoNRE said 21 thousand of ha of area around Long Thanh Airport project had been in the planning for long time; however the planning was not published since the project was implemented behind time. The planning shall soon be approved and published; at the same time, there shall be warning that inappropriate changing of land use purpose would be refused.

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