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People’s political Party’s Committee at district level implements Central Resolution 4: seriously conducts criticism and self-criticism.

Posted Date: 21/10/2012
​People’s political Party’s Committee at district level has finished the proposal to examine provincial Party’s Standing Committee in the spirit of Central Resolution 4 (term XI) on “Some urgent issues of Party building” and held a conference for major cadres to give comments on the proposal.

It is expected that Standing Committee of provincial People’s political Party would conduct self-examination at its own level after the conference to examine collective and individual Commissioners of provincial Party’s Standing Committee.

* Focusing on internal solidarity

Comrade Nguyen Van Dan, Deputy Secretary of provincial People's political Party’s Committee said that, provincial People's political Party’s Standing Committee will be examined pursuant to 3 contents as mentioned in Central Resolution 4, which are, political ideology, ethnics and lifestyle; cadres’ performances and regulatory compliance towards “collectives’ directions, individuals’ responsibilities”; individual rights and obligations to perform assignments, especially leaders.


Secretary of provincial People’s political Party’s Committee Le Van Hung is reporting to provincial Inspection board on the recent implementation of the mission for the first 6 months of 2012

The draft proposal by provincial People’s political Party’s Standing Committee clearly stated that, the entire Committee has been sticking to, applying and complying with Political programs, viewpoints, policies and resolutions of Party as well as State law; paying attention to the education of political ideology for cadres, Party members and public officials; seriously following and thoroughly grasping the resolutions and directives of the Party as well as movements including following Uncle Ho’s moral examples; contributing to raising the awareness about political ideology, self-discipline, positiveness and activeness of cadres and party members in their performances, helping them be more persistent in the complicated changes of the nation and the world.

Besides, provincial People’s political Party’s Standing Committee conducted the examination on Party’s Committee at lower levels to perform directives and resolutions of their own or higher levels every six months, every year or even unexpectedly; through which the Committee was able to timely find out and handle performance shortcomings of lower levels, contributing to the successful completion of their assignments and promoting the overall development in the entire province. At the same time, the Committee has always been complying with the regulations of the Party, especially the ones on democratic centralism, procedure compliance, democratic ensurance, disclosure and transparency pursuant to cadre management decentralization. Focusing on the spirit of internal solidarity, all decisions are made and approved by the majority after thorough discussions. Through discussions, criticism is conducted on the basis of internal contribution.

* Directly facing with weaknesses and shortcomings

However, besides the above-mentioned strengths, provincial People’s political Party’s Standing Committee seriously admitted that some Commissioners of Standing Committee had not fulfilled their responsibilities. Some of them did not attend many activities of party cells without being caught. Besides, many comrades were not active in conducting criticism and self-criticism; not spending sufficient time on studying the policies and resolutions of the provincial People’s political Party’s Committee. The examination on cadres was not thorough enough, which did not reflect the capacity and efficiency of cadres; there were still the signs of emotional feelings in examining cadres. Therefore, many nominees did not meet the demands on political ideology, leading to serious violation right after nomination.

Apart from that, tracking changes in ideology of some cadres and party members was limited, therefore, some negative arising issues were not rightly handled, badly affecting some common activities of the Party’s Committee at district level. In some units, the entire collective of Party’s executive committee at district level and party members were disciplined for their degradation before the Party. Additionally, blackmails without signatures became more and more common…

For the past 11 years (2001 – 2011), 171 party members of People’s political Party’ Committee at district level that were disciplined, 158 of whom were disciplined for their degradation of political ideology, ethnics and lifestyle (accounting for more than 92%). The highlighted symptoms of degradation of political ideology were: irresponsible for assignments (accounting for more than 24% of the total disciplined party members); not strictly complying with the resolutions and directives of the Party, policies and regulations of authorities (more than 21%); breaking the Party’s regulations and State’s policies and laws on purpose (nearly 5%).

Provincial People’s Political Party’s Standing Committee has clearly stated that the above shortcomings and limitations must be thoroughly assessed without reverence, which is the basis for proposing measures to handle. Whereas, the Committee also pays attention to promoting the management and training for cadres and party members to actively prevent and eliminate the symptoms of degradation of political ideology, ethnics and lifestyle. It is also necessary to enhance the quality of criticism and self-criticism towards the responsibilities for leadership of collective and individual Commissioners of the Committee. Besides, there should be regulations and regulation compliance in operation management. It is also important to comply with the Party’s regulations on cadres’ obligations and clearly determine the obligations and rights of leaders of authorities; enhance inspection and supervision especially on leaders of departments, sectors and organizations belonging to provincial People’s political Party’s Committee… which leads to obvious changes in Party building of People’s political Party’s Committee at district level, contributing to building a cleaner and stronger Party, enhancing the leadership capacity of Party’s organizations and members.

Source: Dong Nai Newspaper