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Investment capital increased sharply

Posted Date: 20/09/2016
There are still 4 more months before the end of 2016; domestic investment and FDI attractions value have exceeded the whole year plan though. Especially in the first months of 2016, there were many big projects invested in the provincial priority fields in the industrial zones.​

Most of the newly invested and expanding existed projects are in manufactory construction for import and export production. According to Department of Planning and Investment, after the first 8 months of 2016, FDI attraction reached nearly 1.5 billion USD while domestic investments attraction reached nearly 8.3 trillion VND.


 Provincial People’s Committee Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai visiting Center Power Tech Vietnam Co. Ltd in Nhon Trach 2 IZ, Nhon Trach district.

* FDI Attraction
Taking the lead in FDI investment in the province in the first 8 months of 2016, Amata Vietnam Company (100% Thailand capital) invested in the Amata Long Thanh City project (Long Thanh district) with the total capital of 309 million USD. This is also one of the 4 biggest newly invested projects in Vietnam. Ms. Somhatai Panichewa – General Director of Amata Vietnam Company said: “Long Thanh district has the great transportation condition to connect the other localities together; therefore, it has the potential to develop in the near future. In 2015, the Company invested in a hi-tech industrial zone project with over 282 million USD in Long Thanh district and this year, we invested in the Amata Long Thanh City project with the capital of over 309 million USD”. The new Long Thanh City project is located in an ideal area which is close to the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway and Long Thanh International Airport. Therefore, the investor hoped that in the future the area shall become a high class residential which attracts a lot of experts and resident.
The second biggest new investment in Dong Nai in the first months of the year was from Dongwon Textile Vietnam Co. Ltd in Subdivision 6A, Nhon Trach 6 IZ, Nhon Trach district with the total capital of 60 million USD. The company invested in a textile material manufactory project which is expect to have the productivity of 20,600ton/year. Currently, many enterprises in Dong Nai still have to have the material imported from Korea; the Korean investors take that as an opportunity to invest in the province to support the enterprises with the material they need as well as export them to the other ASEAN countries which have already signed trade agreements with Vietnam. Dong Nai is a big province in textile export, however, they have to import most of the material from China and Korea; therefore, by investing in this project, we would like to support the enterprises in Dong Nai as well as in the other provinces with the material for their products and export them to the ASEAN countries which have the trade agreements with Vietnam with more advantages. I chose Dong Nai because before, there have been many other Korean companies that had successfully invested in the province such as Hyosung, Taekwang Vina, Dong-IL...” – said Mr. Kim Tae Hyun – Chairman of Board of Directors of Dongwon Textile Vietnam Co. Ltd.
The third biggest investor to invest in Dong Nai is Promax Textile Co. Ltd (Brunei) with the total registered capital of over 55 million USD which was invested in Dyed Textile.
Some other corporation from Taiwan, Korea and Japan also invested in Dong Nai with “huge” amount of capital: Shing Mark Corp expanded their investment by 100 million USD more in the Shing Mark Medical Hospital-University project in Bien Hoa and the Interior Decoration & Processing Product project in Bau Xeo IZ (Trang Bom district). Hwaseung Vina Co. ltd in Nhon Trach 1 IZ (Nhon Trach district) expanded their investment by 70 million USD more to expand the footwear for export manufactory. Dong Il Vietnam Co. ltd (Loc An – Binh Son IZ, Long Thanh district) expanded their investment by 51 million USD more expand their cotton manufactory…
*Domestic Investment Increased
From the beginning of this year, Dong Nai FDI and domestic investment attraction values skyrocketed. Till the end of August, domestic investment attraction reached nearly 8.3 trillion VND (20% more than the same period last year). Most of the domestic invested projects were new in many fields: textile supporting industry, timber, ceramic tile, logistics, and real estate. The top 3 biggest projects included: the clean water projects for manufacturing, services and living in Long Thanh and Nhon trach districts with the total capital of over 1.23 trillion VND invested by Cau Moi Lake Water Supply Jsc; the semi-detached houses, villas and apartment construction project in Giang Dien commune, Trang Bom district with the total capital of nearly 1.1 trillion VND; and the bonded-warehouse construction and logistics service project in Bien Hoa city with the total capital of nearly 300 billion VND invested by Thai Binh Investment Jsc.
Mr. Cao Tien Dung – Director of Department of Planning and Investment said: “In 2016, domestic investment increase significantly comparing with the same period last year. Most of the invested sectors were the one that the province has been concerning. The average capital invested by the domestic investors was much higher than the value in the same period last year”. Mr. Cao Tien Dung also sad that the reason for this achievement is the effectively implemented AR mission so far that helped enterprise promoted more investments and timely solved difficulties. 
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