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Innovation in holding meeting sessions: Quick and effective solutions for businesses

Posted Date: 06/12/2018
​The leaders of the province and departments joined the same table with enterprises to directly respond to their enquiries and resolve their difficulties. That was the spirit at the meeting session with domestic enterprises operating in the province on May 18.

​The dialogue was chaired by Vice Chairman Tran Van Vinh. Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Council Nguyen Son Hung; leaders of departments, associations and more than 150 domestic enterprises also attended the meeting. 

Effective results from innovation
At the previous meetings, enterprises in turn raised their difficulties and challenges which were answered by the provincial leaders and other departments. However, the downside of this approach was that the questions were too numerous to be answered altogether.
Therefore, this year's event was first held in an innovative way. Accordingly, the whole session is divided into 4 areas, corresponding to 4 highlighted topics: investment, construction; land, environmental protection, human resources; tax, customs, fire and explosion prevention, inspection, inspection of enterprises and markets, capital sources. Enterprises could go to the area in which they were interested to exchange with departments and asked questions directly with Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh.

Vice chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh exchanged directly with enterprises.
Initially, the meeting took place in the enthusiastic atmosphere, helping businesses confidently raised their problems. There were 59 questions raised at the event, of which 53 questions were answered satisfactorily by leaders of provincial departments and agencies. The 6 remaining questions are under the authority of the central ministries and organizations, which have been accepted and guaranteed to be transferred to those who concern in the shortest time and responded properly.
Assessing the new approach, Chairman of the Board Members of Dong Nai Tax Agency Tran Viet Cuong said that the session brought about great value when the enterprises had the opportunity to exchange directly with leaders of the departments and their enquiries were answered immediately. "I look forward to holding more meetings like this so that new policies will be better disseminated and businesses will feel that their investment is supported by the State," Mr. Cuong said.
Businesses concerned about land, capital and procedures
At the meeting, the problems concerning capital, land and administrative procedures were questioned by many enterprises. President of Tan Dat Phat Company Tran Tan Phat said: "In 2009, my business has leased a land lot in Amata Industrial Zone, now more than 8 years. On signing renting contract, we made full payment for 50 years, but have not been given the land use right. Therefore, we do not have collateral for banks to make additional loan to expand production. This, forces me to borrow money with very high interest rates. Mr. Phat also said that this matter has been raised many times but not been resolved.
Director of Trong Duc Cocoa Limited Company Dang Tuong Khanh said that the company’s business is flourishing with many export orders. However, this also causes overloading to the existing plant. He suggested the departments create conditions for the company to quickly resolve the procedures to be licensed to build new plants with a capacity of 1,000 tons per year to meet the needs of the market in time.
Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Dong Nai province Dang Van Diem reflected that most SMEs are still struggling to gain access to preferential capital sources. Among many conditions to meet, the hardest one is that enterprises must have a factory in the IZ. "However, the majority of SMEs wanting to enter the IP are not eligible. With their financial ability, renting a land lot of 500m2 or 1.000m2 is very difficult," he said. The Chairman wishes to have specific support policies on capital as well as create conditions for SMEs to get access to land lots in IZs, especially to build land funds for enterprises specialized in supporting industries.
The government supports enterprises in removing difficulties
At the meeting, leaders of departments and sectors said that they have been and will continue to cut down many administrative procedures to facilitate businesses. Director of the Department of Industry and Trade Duong Minh Dung said that in the past time, 81 administrative procedures in the field of industry and trade were cut down and abolished. In addition, 83% of administrative procedures have shortened in terms of handling time.

A view of the meeting with domestic businesses.
The Director of the Department of Industry and Trade also acknowledged that SMEs in the supporting industry are facing difficulties in accessing preferential policies on capital as well as production ground. To deal with this issue, with the approval of the provincial People's Committee, the Department of Industry and Trade is cooperating with related departments and agencies to develop policies on development of supporting industries in the province. From now to 2025, Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Investment Pham Viet Phuong said that in 2017, Dongnai Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) rank 26th in the country, by 2016. This has demonstrated the province's efforts in reforming administrative procedures and facilitating the operation of enterprises.
Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh reaffirmed the motto "Government accompanies enterprises" and committed to directing the departments, agencies and localities to handle procedures and solve difficulties quickly for enterprises, creating a fair and favorable business environment. For questions that were not answered satisfactorily at the meeting, departments should continue to synthesize information and post official answers on the provincial portal for businesses to keep track of.
Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee suggested that enterprises continue to take initiative in responding to shortcomings and difficulties in their operations. To facilitate this process, the province has set up information channels such as the 1022 switchboard, the Public Administration Center and in the coming time, the leaders of departments and localities must publish their email addresses to receive questions and comments of enterprises. In addition, provincial action and support committees and business associations in the province must continue to act as a focal point for receiving proposals, handling and removing obstacles and difficulties for enterprises. In the coming time, the PPC will organize thematic meetings such as land, construction, tax, customs, social insurance ... so that they can handle the specific problems of enterprises in each field.
Regular and direct support through multiple channels
"Dialogue is not an annual event. It has to be supported frequently and directly through multiple channels. The meeting today is just a joint session, the first step to create a close connection between the businesses and the leaders of departments. The closer and more familiar we are, the better and friendlier we are. It is no more "I am right, you are wrong", and the goal is to support the businesses to drive the economy of the province,” Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh stressed.
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