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Drastically and synchronously execute the socioeconomic development solution in 2017

Posted Date: 28/12/2016
To execute the groundbreaking step in raising investments for social and services infrastructure and to enhance the administrative reform are the core mission in 2017 to complete the provincial socioeconomic development target. Especially in administrative reform, Provincial People’s Committee shall establish a group to supervise and evaluate the working quality and efficiency.​


Delegate presenting in the 2017 Socioeconomic planning target handover and State budget revenue estimating Conference.


On December 15th morning at Dong Nai Event and Conference Center, Provincial People’s Committee held the 2017 Socioeconomic planning target handover and State budget revenue estimating Conference. Deputy Secretary of Provincial Committee – Mr. Tran Van Tu and Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee – Mr. Dinh Quoc Thai presented at the meeting.
Establish work efficiency and quality evaluation group.
Talking about the plan to execute the 2017 socioeconomic targets, Mr. Cao Tien Dung – Director of Department of Planning and Investment said that Dong Nai should continue promoting implementing the groundbreaking missions to enhance the provincial competitiveness together with restructuring the economy focusing on the quality and efficiency; focus on cultural and people development, maintain social security and take care of people’s living. At the same time, we shall have the effective response to the climate change, actively prepare for and prevent  natural disasters, focus on environmental protection and natural resources reservation; enhance the administrative reform and the government managing efficiency.
In economic development, in 2017, Dong Nai plans to raise its Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) by 8-9% in comparison to 2016; its export turnover by 7-9% comparing to 2016; The average GRDP per capita to 83-84 million VND (3,700 – 3,750 USD/person)… In Social development, the province plans to have two more district units and 12 communes to be recognized as the new rural areas, reduce the poor household rate by 0.4%  (according to the multi-direction poor approaching)
To reach those targets, Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai request to continue with the groundbreaking solutions to draw effective investment to the social and services infrastructures and improve people’s living standard as they are the provincial core missions in 2017. Accordingly, Dong Nai shall continue with the environmental improving solution, raise the provincial competitiveness index (PCI); and at the same time, follow to theme “Government and Enterprise join hand”, having more conversation with the enterprises, enterprise associations to timely solve the difficulties they encounter, especially in the policies, markets, capitals.


Besides, Dong Nai specified that administrative reform work should be the most important mission to push up the socioeconomic development. In 2017 Dong Nai shall continue executing the effective one-stop-shop mechanism and inter-one-stop-shop mechanism in every provincial locality and department; at the same time, renovate and improve the administrative procedure quality for enterprises and individuals. On the other hand, investigation shall be implemented regularly to detect and handle any situation of officials making difficulties on enterprises and people.
 Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai giving speech at the Conference

In highlight, According to Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai, from thr beginning of 2017, Provincial People’s Committee shall establish the special group to supervise the programs and plan by the Provincial People’s Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee Chairman on the provincial departments and units. “Provincial Departments shall establish the special group to supervise the provincial units to improve the quality and efficiency of the upcoming works.” – Said Mr. Chairman.
Tet Holidays for the poor shall be more concerned.
According to Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai, The core mission to be implemented from now to the end of 2016 is to complete all the 2016 targets. At the same time, Tet Holidays for the poor shall be more concerned. Maintaining social security, balancing the products supply and demand, promoting market management, strictly handling the counterfeit problem and poor quality products shall also be concerned. Thorough preparation for 2017 Tet holidays for people especially the poor, people living in the remote areas, ethnic minorities, workers who work far from home shall be made.
State budget revenue expected to increase by 13%
Presenting about the provincial State Budget revenue, Mr. Huynh Thanh Binh - Director or Department of Finance said: “In 2017, Dong Nai is expected to have the State budget revenue of 48,409 billion VND (13% more than the 2016 plan); including 33,549 billion VND of domestic revenue (18% more than the 2016 plan), land use fee revenue shall be 800 billion VND, provincial State lottery (including computerized lottery) service revenue shall be1,275 billion USD and import-export revenue shall be 14.780 billion VND…”
According to the Director of Department of Finance, 2017 is the first year to implement the State Budget Laws and is the first year of the State Budget Stability. Thus, The Department offered the solutions collect the revenue correctly. “Beside of assigning the State budget estimation duty to the localities, tax collecting reports from the previous years shall be reviewed. Tax debt in enterprises other subjects that have not paid for the State budget must be collected.” – said the Director of Department of Finance.


Drainage solution for Bien Hung 5-point-roundabout areas is one of the 8 top priority projects to be invested in 2017
Besides, Director or Department of Finance also informed that Dong Nai should apply advanced tax management method to facilitate the enterprises’ operations; periodically have conversation with the enterprise in order to timely solve the difficulties they got and facilitate the enterprises’ stable operation; and enhancing investments to expand the enterprises’ markets to increase the revenues.

In public investment, Dong Nai’s total public investment capital shall be over 5.78 trillion VND. The province shall execute the capital distribution solution in the priority order and focus on the specific points to maintain the investment efficiency. Focus on distributing capital to the core programs, projects that strongly affect the provincial socioeconomic development. Accordingly, the capital shall be priorily distributed for the final costs, bank loan payments, Departments budget deposits, projects expected to be finished in 2017 and the continuing projects that still follow the approved schedules.
If the surplus is available after distributing the capital to those projects, that surplus shall be considered to be distributed to the new projects following the order of priority projects in term 2017 – 2020; new projects in the mid-term investment planning using the State budget in term 2017 – 2020; projects that have the authorized investors and are confirmed to be invested until the end of October 2017…
According to Director of Department of Planning and Investment – Mr. Cao Tien Dung, the distributing principle above shall be applied to all the capital sources planned for the public investment projects in 2017 including rounded up budget revenue collection, land fund exploitation and State lottery service.
8 key projects to be invested with priority in 2017

San Mau stream dredging project; Dong Nai Biology Technology Application Center Infrastructure projects phase I; Gia Mang Reservoir – Xuan Loc district; Medical College expanding project; Congestion avoiding route on Highway No.1 – Tan Hoa ward; Dong Nai Pilot Advanced School project term 2016 – 2020 and the 2 new projects including Bien Hung 5-point-roundabout drainage project and the Tan Phong intersection project – Bien Hoa.

Tung Van