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China invested nearly 1 billion USD in Dong Nai

Posted Date: 28/12/2016
Mr. Miao Rui Lin – Nianjing City Major (Jiangsu province, China) had a working visit in Dong Nai on December 9th.​
Nianjing City Major – Mr. Miao Rui Lin giving a souvenir to Mr. Tran Van Vinh - Deputy Chairman of Dong Nai People’s Committee.
Welcoming the delegation, Mr. Tran Van Vinh – Dong Nai People’s Committee shared that there were currently having around 80 Chinese enterprises investing in Dong Nai with the total capital of nearly 1 billion USD. Dong Nai is one of the top 4 provinces in FDI attraction with 44 countries and territories to have invested the province. Mr. Miao Rui Lin introduced Nianjing  as a City that had the population of 8 billion and the economic development rate of 9%/year and is the greenest city in China. This working visit in Dong Nai was to study the FDI Attraction policies so as to support enterprises in investing in the province.
On the same day, Mr. Miao Rui Lin and Bien Hoa City signed the memorandum of understanding on cooperating in socioeconomic development.

Huong Giang