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Attraction of foreign investment reached nearly 1.8 billion USD

Posted Date: 11/12/2018
​In nearly 11 months of 2018, foreign investment in the province reached nearly 1.8 billion USD, surpassing nearly plan for the year by almost 80%. According to the Department of Planning and Investment, 109 new projects with total registered capital of nearly 950 million USD, 94 projects have been signed for capital increase by more than 821 million USD in total. Foreign investment has increased by nearly 600 million USD compared to 2017.

​The projects that have attracted foreign investment in the province are all selective, with higher priority for high technology projects, supporting industry projects, environmentally friendly projects ... In this year, foreign investment projects attracted the majority of companies from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, British Virgin Islands, Germany ...
By the end of November, 2018, Dong Nai has attracted about 45 countries and territories to invest in the province with 1,380 ongoing projects with total registered capital of 28.5 billion USD. New high-capital investment projects are: KCC Ltd (Singapore), registered capital investment of 60 million USD; Saitex Fabrics Vietnam Co. Ltd (China - Hong Kong) with registered capital investment of 57 million USD. Both projects are at Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park (Nhon Trach District).

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